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Tips for photographing your work

All the photographs were taken with a phone camera, if you have a better camera you can apply the same techniques and get an even better result.

Tip 1. Use natural light.

Artificial light mutes and distort colours, it also makes your camera work harder to capture the image which can result in a grainy photograph. If you can, take your work outside or photograph it next to a window.

In a darker area
By a window

Tip 2. Take the photo straight on.

Distorted perspective can affect things like proportion or elongate the painting, make sure to always have the angle of the camera the same as the artwork.

Distorted perspective
Photographed straight on

Tip 3. Use a clean (preferably white) background.

A cluttered photograph can make your work confusing and add in extra shadows or even influence the exposure. Try using a clean minimal background this can even be something like a wooden floor or a piece of paper. White is usually the best option as it allows lots of light around your work.

cluttered background
clean background

Tip 4. Do some light editing.

In order to make your photograph as true to the original do some light editing if you are able (most phones have some free editing software inbuilt). below are a few examples of some light editing I used on this image. There are usually many options that can really help your artwork.

Tip 5. You can crop.

Sometimes cropping can be a great way to quickly clean up a photograph and allows any off white backgrounds to be removed (or any clutter) before the image is used.

Distorted perspective
cropped image

Tip 6. Use a scanner.

scanners can create really detailed images of your artwork this is my TOP TIP and are a great simple way to get a really clean bright image of your work. Below you can see the difference between a photograph and a scan in the colour and richness of the artwork.

An edited photograph
The same image scanned

Hopefully you have found this useful now get creating so you can put your new skills into practice.