Islesolation gallery

The Stillness of Time

I use my regular walks on the Island as an inspiration for my paintings.  I enjoy how landscape and organic forms interact, twist and turn, creating pattern.  I paint mainly in oils on MDF and plywood, as I enjoy the control that this medium gives me.  I create my work from sketching in the landscape and then transferring to a painting in my small garden studio.  When the natural light starts to fade in the evening, I then design and create brooches, using mainly recycled materials and handmade felt.  Again, landscape and organic forms give me the inspiration for how the stitching develops. 

Lockdown has helped me to be more creative, as every day I focussed on my art.  I found the quietness of hardly any traffic and people strange, but lack of traffic, especially lack of aircraft noise, enabled me to listen to the increase in birdsong – absolutely beautiful.

-Davina Margaret Smith

Paintings created during lockdown by artist Davina Margaret Smith