Islesolation gallery

Textiles and mixed media works created during Lockdown

Works created by artist Mary Eynon during lockdown, a mixture of various techniques and media from weaving to stitch and print making. “The process of making is really important,  the rhythmic, repetitive method is therapeutic and connects me to the blossoming of spring during isolation”. – Mary

Enjoy the arrival of spring through the work. (Weaving tutorial available in the workshop).

Find more of Mary’s work HERE

Mixed media collage created during lockdown by Marie Delisle Holmberg

Cornish Sunset
Rustic Farmhouse on The Moors
A View of Buckland Abbey

My name is Fiona Dawson and I moved to Bembridge recently after living in the Tamar valley Cornwall for 8 years.
I only started painting a few years ago and was fortunate to have a great teacher there,
with an inspiring coastline and Dartmoor which I think has influenced my landscapes and sea scapes.

you can get in touch with Fiona here

Can Only Vary In Design, collage by @mattdawhit 

“It forms a physical memory for me marking time from the start of lockdown all the way through to yesterday.  It is a mix of printed paper, polypropylene and aluminium foil labels on board”.

Mandalas created by Fani,

 In many cultures throughout the world, such circular artwork is meant to represent a connection between the mundane and the divine, or, the manifestation of God into the world. The potential of all such artwork is to satisfy the minds craving for symmetry, and to always draw one’s attention back to the center of the design. In looking at a mandala, our minds can slow down, enabling us to see more deeply with intuitive perceptions of the heart. Hopefully such an experience can carry over to our everyday lives, and help us to experience the joys of a mind freed from worries and petty calculations, and abide more and more in the freedom of the concerns of the heart: a life of love and beauty that always awaits in the inner lives of all. There is balance and harmony behind all the confusion and drama of our lives. Hopefully mandalas can be a window to that space where all wrongs are balanced, where life is harmonious, and where the light of truth creates a joy and beauty that can never be destroyed.

The Ochos des Dios has it’s origin from Mexico and brings people together. It is often performed by men and women. Usually a dad will weave one when his child is born or one will gift one for a new home.

Find more of Fani’s work in the Dance and Movement tent