Islesolation gallery

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In this gallery we open the festival of islesolation with a series of exhibitions by guest curators. visit a new exhibition every fortnight. If you would like to be guest curator please get in touch

This exhibition has been curated by Marie Delisle Holmberg, a local international artist.

“The paintings shown above reflect my passion for colours and intimate atmospheres. Artistic endeavours that embellish life and bring you to an inspiring space… My fascination for nature or floral elements, textures and motifs transpires in these masterpieces that resonate profoundly with my spirit” – Marie.

Collage: L’Impératrice (sold Stockholm) Marie Delisle Holmberg

The Window Matisse (1916)

Woman in a Purple Coat (1937)

Portrait of Ida la Cour, born Enna (via Bukowskis) Sigrid Hjertén (Swedish, 1885 – 1948)

Senecio, by Paul Klee (1922 )

Edgar Degas, Dancers in the wings (1876-1878)

Seated Woman in a Garden, Picasso (1938)

Surface pattern design: Visages

Marie Delisle Holmberg

Image references

Edgar Degas, Dancers in the wings (Wikimedia Commons)