Islesolation gallery

The Limestone Galleries

Entering the discipline of sculpture, we explore three dimensional form, shape and space. Investigating what the term sculpture means and how we can develop our creative language to reflect these ideas. Breaking away from the two dimensional, sculpture challenges the mind to think in ways never previously explored

seeking equilibrium

Investigating the work of Alexander Calder these sculptures produced by participants in our workshops focus on shape and form exploring the element of air as it shifts in space. By considering balance and counterbalance we contemplate movement and weight through materiality and as metaphor for being.

Cardboard Sculpture

Here we investigate the material properties of cardboard and how it can be transformed into sculpture. Considering the work of artist Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth added new approaches for participants to consider how form and shape can be derived from nature and the landscape.

Wire fish

Created by a resident of Newport Residential Home.

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