Islesolation gallery

Precious Moments

This journey we are all on evokes a constantly changing set of emotions. It is a series of moments, new situations, challenges and experiences that test our strength. I’ve sketched my way through it, capturing these moments in a digital art form. These drawings also form exploratory work for a series of paintings I’m creating.  In my work I focus on capturing feeling and atmosphere using minimal strokes and bold contrasting colours. The overwhelmingly positive outcome from the physical and social upheaval lockdown and Covid has brought is the change of pace. Slowing down allowed me time to reflect, truly appreciate the beautiful coastline all around me and connect with my family. Whatever stage you are at in the process or however it has been for you, I hope you can find a connection or solace in one of the pieces.

Vicky Wilson is an artist and designer living on the Isle of Wight. Vicky creates beautiful compositions and artwork, writes and illustrates children’s stories and designs websites. See more of Vicky’s work Here.

My Own Place
Protective Pods
Is it Safe Yet
We're All Hanging On
Floating Cocoon
Never Give Up
Hold me Tight
Start of the Journey
Mum and Dad