Islesolation gallery

The Julia Margaret Cameron Galleries 

In this gallery we explore photography, film and media. capturing various subjects from portfolio pebble projects to themes of landscape. Enjoy discovering multiple points of view as we journey through different photographers and motifs

The Pebbles project

This project addresses the making process through clay, and how we can approach the concept of landscape through mimetic themes. In this gallery we give you a visual introduction to the making of our handmade pebbles, produced by participants working in our portfolio project.

Exhibitions collection
Nurture Through Nature
Walks in isolation – Photography by Patrick White

Walking and photography are the two main ingredients in helping me stay afloat mentally, and in the time of isolation they have been crucial for my well-being. Walking the the paths and coast of the Island offers so much striking scenery, and since isolation began the distractions of people and traffic have given way to showcase the Island and allowed me to find new paths and walks.

I hope my photography allows people to revisit some of their most loved spots on the Isle of Wight, and maybe introduce them to some places they didn’t realise existed.

From macro to micro

The art of living in small new worlds.  Abstracted Photography by Newport Residential Home .

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