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Nurture Through Nature

A little bit about me.
I have struggled with anxiety, depression and poor mental health since my early teens and spent 15 years of my life not being able to leave the house without a family member due to such severe anxiety.
Infact it was only a few years ago that I managed to leave the house by myself for the first time.
Step by step i’m getting my independence back and going through lots of ups and downs along the way.
I share my experiences on my blog and social media to start more conversations about mental health, to encourage others to know that it’s ok to speak up if we are struggling and to document my journey to help myself and hopefully others.
I am passionate about fighting the stigmas and misconceptions around mental health.
You will often find me baking cupcakes, singing or exploring our beautiful Island taking pictures.
Kerry Weston – Cupcakes & Anxiety
1, Fields Of Gold. A beautiful sunflower field at The Garlic Farm on the Isle Of Wight. I love the contrast of the dark grey clouds against the golden sunflowers. It shows that beauty and light can be found, even amongst the darkness.
2, Sunset By The Pier. I often go out for a walk at sunset, there is something about the changing colours and patterns in the sky that bring a sense of calm. If I'm having a bad day then a beautiful sunset reminds me that there has been something beautiful in my day.
3, Crashing Waves. I could sit for hours listening to the waves crashing against the shore. Watching the sea foam spray and hearing the pebbles roll back and forth feels rather theraputic.
4, Riding The Waves. Some people see a gloomy dull sky. I see dramatic full clouds, full of chaos and anticipation. When my depression raises its ugly head I can imagine my thoughts manifesting as an angry black cloud releasing their frustrations as big full raindrops. I love capturing dramatic stormy skies.
5, The Proud Poppy. Even in a sea of thousands of vibrant red poppies each one has it's own individual quality and the ability to stand out in a crowd. We are all wonderfully unique and different even though we may look the same from the outside.
6, Open The Gate Open the gate and see where it takes you. I love to explore and find exciting new places to photograph and share with others. Although I've lived on the Island all of my life I continue to find new areas and beauty spots to explore.
7, Polperro This photo was taken on our honeymoon and holds many happy memories. We loved the relax pace of life and traditional feel of the area, as though we had stepped back in time and were a million miles away.
8, Freshwater Bay Thrift My favourite time to walk along the cliffs at Freshwater Bay is during the spring when the bright pink clusters of sea thrift are in bloom. I love the splash of bright colour they dot the cliffs with and to watch the bees and butterflies buzz happily around them.
9, Sunset at Totland Bay Every sunset is a chance to reset and start again.
10, Kynance Cove My first visit to Kynance Cove took my breath away. It reminded me of Neverland from Peter Pan and the whole area has a magical feel to it. I call it my happy place and hope to go back there very soon.