“I paint for me, painting comes from what is my essence and what I paint comes from within me.  This is the one thing that as a working mother to four beautiful children, and a husband with a brain tumour, who could quite easily dissolve into the different roles that life has for me, keeps me calm and focused. I need to paint. My paintings are about a feeling, trying to portray in the image ,the feeling that I get when I am looking at the scene.  I use a palette knife or my fingers to create my paintings. During lockdown my creativity has changed for the better.  Previously I would paint in a room that I have dedicated to it, away from everyone. Me time.  Lockdown has bought me out of my room and painting where all my family can see and watch me paint.  It feels really important that my children see me and understand that is it vital for happiness to take sometime as a grown up doing what we need to, to make us happy”.