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On the shelf

The old man sits in his favourite chair
Dreaming of times past and places where
He lived his former self.
Across the cluttered room on the shelf
Are photos proudly placed there by his departed wife,
Images portraying the family and friends of their marital life.

Among them also from days before
When he was a lad, and later soldier off to war.
The cheery face of Jock his stalwart mate,
They share so much ‘til a bullet sealed Jock’s fate.
He often recalls the sounds and horrors of that day
When they were pressed to charge to glory come what may.

Best not dwell on those times he sighed,
But looking at the portrait of his lovely bride
He focussed on his happy memories of wedded bliss,
Remembering how they’d met and shared their first kiss.
He gazed at the photo of the wedding guests in a crowd
Around them, she a smiling beauty, he standing tall and proud.

His thoughts then turned to the family they’d had,
Two children they’d reared when becoming Mum and Dad.
Pictures of each one lovingly displayed on the shelf
Recording proud achievements, showing days of happiness and health,
Sharing  Christmas dinners and summer holidays full of joy.
His charming, pretty little girl, his tough, cheeky young boy.

But the years have gone by and they have become grown,
Their career paths were followed, they found partners of their own.
So now the old man sits alone by himself
With all he cherishes  up there on the shelf.
He looks at them and says “those years were the best”,
And smiling he contentedly lays his head back to rest.

Chrissie Saunders.

Poem in Lockdown 

By Christine Cave of Carisbrooke WI


What a year it has been
Up and  down Round and round
                    Not going out
                    Hoping the Vaccine is the answer to be found

We do what we are told We do our best
But none of us are really at rest

Along the way we have lost too many
Life as we know it is not the same
This is for real it is not a game

                  We speak to fiends on the Telephone
                  Many people so alone
We face time family with no hugs or cuddles
every thing seems such a muddle

                  Deep down we know   it will end
Let us all hope it will not be to long
My dear dear friends.Until we all meet again

Shout Out the News!

Shout out the news, A vaccine has been found!
Broadcast to one and all living in fear;
In men of science our due trust is bound;
Such profound relief and hope is here.

Shout out the news, how brilliant are these men!
Whose research work will be our salvation;
Their knowledge was put to the test again;
And so they will rescue every nation.

Shout out the news, one hundred thousand die!
This deadly virus is everywhere.
Now, so many families mourn and cry,
Despite the medics dedicated care.

Shout out the news, COVID can mutate!
Observe the rules, wear a mask, stay apart;
Disregard advice – death could be your fate!
However hard, we must all play our part.

Chrissie Saunders

One Hundred Thousand Lives

One hundred thousand lives
Sisters and brothers
Fathers and mothers
Husbands and wives

One hundred thousand lost
Some who worked to serve us
Despite the deadly virus
Paying the ultimate cost

One hundred thousand deaths
People of this land
Part of the growing band
Taking their last breaths

One hundred thousand gone
Leaving this world behind
But we keep them in mind
As we must carry on

One hundred thousand lives
Sisters and brothers
Fathers and mothers
Husbands and wives

Chrissie Saunders


Sitting, watching, waiting, emptiness, nothing.

Gentle waves lapping at my feet, causing little ripples to form.

In the distance a shape, a ship? its sharpness breaking up the horizon line.

Greyness below, lighter above indepersed with clouds holding a darker hue.

In contrast, sitting proudly each side majestic cliffs rise from the ground.

Brilliance a whiteness nowhere else to be found.

Chalkiness with scatterings of purple and blackness the flints flashing a hint.

I am still sitting but now my eyes open.

I see the wonders, the wonders in my mind’s eye.

A rainbow those colours rising and forming into a wonderous arc.

To feel that sand beneath my feet.

 Feeling that water gently splashing around my toes.

The breeze gently blowing across my face.

I can see it all, not yet in person, masked up and distanced apart.

But in the distance the time will come, staying strong, staying safe.

In our quarantine Bubbles we can sit and dream.

 That time will come, Stay Safe, Stay Strong its nearly here.

Janet corbett
Parent of pupil carisbrooke college and V1 form
Alex Dempsey
Ben Homes

I followed a                star that              glistened in the         moonlight 

To a                     place I thought I’d                  know 

Where we might                  find the true                meaning of life 

                 But it wasn’t                  so 

Sometimes the                                more you learn 

The less you know 

There’s no-one who                       knows it all 

Don’t say I told you so…….. 

I was lost 

I was trapped in a bubble 

All my bridges were                     burned 

Just like a leaf that’s been blown thru a blizzard 

Washed                    up in the gutter… gazing at the stars 

I cant find my way            home 

I’ve crossed the  crossroads 

Ran round the round-a-bouts 

Found the super highway 

Got into cyberspace………  

I followed a path thru the forest of words 

Where it led I couldn’t  tell 

I closed my eyes and then I made a wish 

Threw a coin into the well 

Sometimes the                          more you dream 

The more you try 

You’ve got to                            live in hope  

You’ll get it right this time  

I found my way into the city 

The lights were bright and everyone so busy 

Se them all running up from underground 

Their lips are          moving but           I don’t hear a sound 

Don’t stop better keep cruising 

Find somewhere less confusing   

Mother Nature is singing her song 

Go find someplace where you belong…….. 

I walked along still searching for the answer 

Then I came to see 

It’s there within …. every seed and every flower 

And it’s here inside of me 

Sometimes the more you look 

The less you see 

Just look inside your heart 

You’ll find the key………… 

Oh I was Lost…….. 


From- Rob’s Notebook

Under the Sofa

When lockdown was very first mentioned,
A daily routine was what I had intentioned.
I started by doing all the Spring Cleaning,
Mopping, dusting, polishing, even leaning
Out to wash the grimy windows,
Diligence possessed me like nobody knows
And true to form, as advised,
Even made sure I exercised.

Then I took to gardening like mad,
Seeing it immaculate made me so glad,
And, being such a dutiful housewife
Nearly became a whole new way of life.
But one day when hoovering under the sofa,
I found a long-lost book and turned into a loafer.
The sun was shining, a deck chair beckoned,
I’d earn a rest is what I reckoned.

Sitting reading was such a pleasure.
What was the harm in a spot of leisure?
Relaxing, soaking up a bit of sun,
We’re told is good for everyone.
And very soon I just started to laze,
All activity vanished in a dozy haze.
With drooping eyelids, the book fell of my lap,
Oh well, maybe I’ll just take a nap!

Chrissie Saunders


One day lockdown will be a thing of the past. Looking from inside out knowing summer will be here soon and all this covid-19 will be a thing forgotten about. Lockdown was great at first. Doing a bit of work for school then playing xbox having great breakfast and lunch. And after my school work i make a cake. Dont tell anyone but im a top pastry chef. Im an expert at cleaning up the house. I just want it to all go away so i can come back to school to get a great education. I started reading a book called Saint Lucia simply beautiful its a great book telling me about the history of Saint Lucia. Ive been to Saint Lucia a few times. And everytime i go i discover something new. Last time i went i discovered the sulfur springs in a little town called Soufriere where my grandmother is from. And by the way my grandparents live in Saint Lucia. Maybe one day when Covid-19 will go away i am due to visit my grandparents in Saint Lucia. I like riding my electric scooter on my lunch breaks its been so cold i have to wrap up warm. Me and my parents have turned my front room into a mini gym i run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and i do sit ups, press ups and star jumps. Soon i have a gym-fit body. When i play xbox i really like playing fortnite, gta, ice hockey and strategy games. I like to enter gaming competitions to see how good i am.


Gemma Calloway