Islesolation gallery

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July 2020 Niton

pentax 35 mm camera on kodak colour 200 film, part of a series exploring feelings of hope in isolation. The lockdown enabled me to look inward and explore myself and the placw where I live. I am drawn to the direction and intensity of light, and for me this image is about being in the present moment and experiencing it for what it is.
-Emily Venables

Grace and Kate Argyle

Here is my photo of our morning walk before my sister and I started school at home.

Northwood Angel- Star of hope

Jayne Tyler

Contemplative Angel at Osborne House

Jayne Tyler

walks in isolation

Patrick White

Early morning lockdown walk

Jayne Tyler

walks in isolation

Patrick White


The Beat

Processed Photography, John Waterman

me and my shadow

- Allan

There’s gold in west Wight!

Pete Johnstone

Young Family looking out from Lockdown

Elf Day


Biosphere Island

Pete Johnstone, I find it pretty amazing that where I live is a Biosphere Reserve. The accolade was awarded to the Isle of Wight by UNESCO in 2019 and we are just one of 7 to be found in the UK. My montage of photos taken over the last 4 years and pulled together over Lockdown, aims to show what a Biosphere is all about - its special landscapes and wildlife, people working together and a desire to make the Island a better place to live and work.