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UPENDED features a vintage beer keg washed up on our shores and now displayed as a memorial to the battered state of the 2020 hospitality industry. A scratched mirror seeks to emphasise the shaky self reflection this upheaval has foist upon us. This work evokes the weathering of the C-19 storm, yes, but we might also see it as an invitation to examine our cultural endorsement of drinking to excess; and our economic reliance upon that too. Bar by bar, lockdown gives us precious pause. The keg was lost as one version of itself and found as another. Most of us will be travelling a similar road at this time. UPENDED challenges us to accept the battered parts of our lives and to redefine ourselves in a way that allows us, and others, the best chance of moving forward in healing and grace.


a memorial to the battered state of the 2020 hospitality industry-