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Get cosy in the pod and give yourself some creative breathing space. 

Caring for Carers

I am a Carer.  

After spending hours trying to think of a way to introduce this work and it’s purpose and how to describe being a carer I asked for help.  I asked the Parent Carers that I work for to describe in one word what it meant to them to be a carer.  Here are their words…

Life – Rewarding – Challenging – Selfless – Exhausting  – Demanding – Privilege – Dedicated – Stressful – Relentless – Hard – Overwhelming – Never ending – Lonely – Confused.

From my experience I can add that all of these words can be felt within the same day.  It really is a rollercoaster.

I want for this space to be for YOU. The carer. To take time, just a small amount.  To think about what is happening in front of you at the very moment you are doing it. To rest your mind in a creative activity.  Feel proud that you cared for yourself today as well.   

Caring can be a lonely, overwhelming role.  But we are all overwhelmed and lonely sometimes too, so you are not alone.

Join Jo in her unique workshops as she guides you through a creative mindful space.

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